Zingtree Case Studies

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Spokane ENT

Spokane ENT is a certified division of the Columbia Surgical Specialists based in Spokane, Washington. With over 20 years offering excellent professional ear, nose and throat care to local residents, the highly-specialized clinic works tirelessly to help patients of all types experience life to their absolute fullest.

Implementing appointment scheduling decision trees for the clinic’s phone agents has allowed Spokane ENT to optimize its scheduling across locations.
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Airebeam Broadband offers high speed internet service to customers in Arizona and Colorado. Being an ISP, customer service is paramount, and Airebeam needed a better way to handle customer support calls in their call center.

Instead of using paper scripts, Airebeam implemented Zingtree for their call center agents to use when helping customers. Not only are agents more productive and trained faster, but Airebeam also gets a great overview of where customers may be having issues using Zingtree's analytics.
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DHHS, Victoria Australia

The Department of Health and Human Services in Victoria, Australia, serving a community of over 6 million people, was able to launch a COVID-19 self-assessment tool in two days, powered by Zingtree. They were able to move quickly by using Zingtree’s intuitive decision tree platform without needing technical guidance to set up and launch. The interactive tool helps Victorians get up-to-date instructions and information to self-quarantine and access resources, based on their symptoms. 
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Global Players

Global Players helps to place student-athletes in their perfect study-abroad fit, promoting awareness and cultural education as well as athletic endeavors around the world. As an organization growing in popularity, Global Players was in search of finding a streamlined, self-service way to placing students in their ideal location abroad.

Since adopting Zingtree’s solution to integrate their “Program Match” decision tree, Global Players has been able to place over 1,000 students so far, increased the likelihood of a visitor to contact the organization by 5 times, and more!

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Turo connects car renters with car owners, helping people find the perfect transportation for their next journey or to earn extra money by renting an existing vehicle. 

Zingtree’s interactive decision trees provide Turo with the perfect platform to guide agents through the correct verification process for any specific scenario or user.

After implementing for internal use, agents also discovered the tree’s helpfulness with support and claims-related processes.

FIRST Lego League


Each year FIRST LEGO League releases a challenge based on a real-world scientific topic. Teams of up to 10 children participate by programing an autonomous robot. This is the story of Team " Loading..."

Creating an interactive decision tree provided Loading… with the perfect platform to guide this Minneapolis team of child-engineers to success.

The Loading… team took their hands-on science efforts to tournament this year, thanks to their very own FIRST LEGO League decision tree.

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Philip Morris International

Philip Morris International is the world’s leading global tobacco company, representing six of the world's top international brands that span more than 180 markets.  Largely focused on Research & Development, PMI is working to develop less harmful alternatives to cigarettes.

Zingtree's Interactive decision trees have allowed PMI to automate complicated procurement processes that follow stringent company regulations while minimizing risk and streamlining efficiency.


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YouMail is an automated service that replaces voice-mail with an automated secretary for your iPhone or Android. They are seeing massive customer growth, and needed a way to automate an interactive support process across multiple hardware devices and networks.

Zingtree has provided YouMail with an easy-to-use way for customers to self-solve setup issues, as well as providing useful analytics to make a great product even better.
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Phoenix Bats

The Phoenix Bat Company has been crafting advanced, high-end baseball bats for over 20 years. Phoenix Bats produces some of the best trophy and game bats in the country.

Building a decision tree bat selector tool has enabled Phoenix Bats to guide customers to the baseball bat perfectly suited to their needs. With this interactive platform in place, customers are now able to quickly find a bat, leading to an increased conversion rate and improved sales.
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Easy Insurance Scripts

Easy Insurance Scripts has helped more than 2,500 independent insurance agencies across the U.S. and Canada become more profitable. With a unique system that provides online scripts to guide agents through insurance solutions.

Easy Insurance Scripts is partnering with Zingtree to combine 40 years of insurance experience with the dynamic technology of interactive decision trees.


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Applian Technologies

Applian Technologies develops and publishes a popular suite of internet media downloading and recording software. Since there are millions of web sites that have video and audio that can be captured, Applian needed a way to help customers go through the troubleshooting process automatically.

With Zingtree, Applian has seen a reduction of support tickets, and also gets more background information when a customer goes through the troubleshooting process and submits a ticket anyway. This has resulted in a huge time and money savings for the company.