Pearson boosted NPS by 60% and decreased agent ramp time by 33%

The world's leading learning company enhances agent performance and customer experience with Zingtree.

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Education & Learning
Products used:
Agent Scripting
  • Reduce training time for new agents
  • Improve customer satisfaction and NPS
  • Streamline agent processes and compliance

The Challenge

Pearson faced the complexity of serving 160 million customers across 200 countries, each at different points on their learning and teaching journeys. 

With a diverse customer base including students, instructors, and professionals from various regions, each having unique needs, the challenge was multi-dimensional. 

Navigating numerous product and platform combinations, along with stringent processes and compliances, was overwhelming for agents, leading to lengthy training programs and costly errors.

Tish Johnson, narrating Pearson's story, explains, “My colleague and I were seeing our agents struggling with the most complex process. They just could not get it right. And then it costs the company a lot of money when they get it wrong.”

The Solution

Pearson's quest for an effective tool led them to Zingtree. What stands out in Pearson's journey with Zingtree is the ease with which they could build their first decision trees. 

Tish and her colleague, with no prior experience or training, were able to set up a decision tree for their most complex process overnight.

“We Googled for solutions and stumbled upon Zingtree. The demo amazed us, and we immediately got to work. With no training, my colleague and I built out the flow for our agents. This hands-on experience with Zingtree demonstrated its ease of use and potential impact on our processes.”

Tish highlights the key benefits of the Zingtree platform:

  • User-friendliness 
  • Ease of updating 
  • Agent feedback 
  • Reporting

The Impact

Within just 8 months, Pearson observed significant improvements:

  • 60% NPS increase
  • 47% CSAT improvement
  • 33% faster agent ramp time
  • 24% reduction in case age average hours
  • 12% resolution rate increase

Tish remarks, “Zingtree's introduction marked a turning point. It not only improved our key metrics but also transformed our approach to customer service and agent training.”

About Pearson

As the world's leading learning company, Pearson serves 160 million users in 200 countries, offering digital content, assessments, qualifications, and data. Committed to enhancing lives through learning, Pearson provides a wide range of products and services for various educational stages.

About Zingtree

Zingtree is the CX workflow platform that enables B2C enterprise companies to transform self-service, uncover and implement automation opportunities, and make every agent an expert.