FleetCor reduced agent ramp time from 3 weeks to 3 days

Global business payments company used Zingtree to improve agent productivity and reduce ramp time by 85%.

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Products used:
Agent Scripting

Improve customer support by: 

  • Reducing agent ramp time
  • Standardizing processes
  • Removing complexities

The implementation

Jennings had implemented Zingtree in a previous role and felt that its usability, customization options, and integration with Service Cloud, which allowed for a reduction in processing time, made the Zingtree platform a perfect choice for FleetCor.

"I'd previously worked with it so knew how good it was," Jennings explains. "[At FleetCor], I appointed a Knowledge Architect who builds all our trees. Where help is needed, the support from the Zingtree team has been outstanding."

FleetCor agent using Zingtree

The impact

"Our agents love Zingtree," Jennings says. "It’s a new tool and it gives them a level of support they’ve never had before."

With Zingtree's agent call scripts and decision trees, FleetCor is able to onboard and train agents faster than ever before. Ramp time was reduced from 3 weeks to just 3 days. And training doesn't stop after onboarding. Agents also enjoy constant support through the Zingtree platform, even when management is not immediately available. Zingtree gives agents the confidence to upskill—Jennings notes that FleetCor's agents are more likely to self-learn new product types because they have Zingtree to fall back on.

For FleetCor, the benefits are clear. In addition to reducing agent ramp time, Zingtree's solutions have helped improve agent productivity by 13%. Jennings also reports that the multi-skilling of staff across numerous skill sets made possible through Zingtree has allowed FleetCor to realize economies of scale and reduce headcount.

"It's really moved the dial for us," Jennings says. "It's helped us get the basics right by getting our knowledge and processes into a far better place. On the back of this we've been able to really progress as an operation both for the business, colleagues, and customers alike."

About FleetCor: 

FleetCor Technologies is a leading global business payments company that simplifies the way businesses manage and pay their expenses. The FleetCor portfolio of brands help companies automate, secure, digitize, and control payments on behalf of their employees and suppliers.

About Zingtree: 

Zingtree is a no-code, interactive decision tree tool that helps your employees and customers navigate complex, consequential, and changing processes so they can take the next right action.