FLEETCOR reduced agent ramp time from 12 weeks to 3 days

Global business payments company uses Zingtree to improve agent productivity and reduce ramp time.

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Products used:
Agent Scripting & Customer Self-Help
  • Reduce agent ramp time
  • Standardize processes
  • Remove complexities

The challenge

FLEETCOR, a global leader in business payments, faced the challenge of scattered knowledge processes. Mike Jennings, Vice President of Operations, had a vision to unify these processes using Zingtree. "We had lots of processes and procedures stored in different places... we needed a common solution," Jennings explained.

FLEETCOR needed to streamline agent training, improve customer education, and ensure compliance in a regulated environment. Jennings identified the lack of a unified knowledge management system as a key obstacle.

FLEETCOR agent using Zingtree

The solution

Mike Jennings spearheaded the integration of Zingtree into FLEETCOR's operations to address their key challenges. Zingtree's no-code platform allowed for a swift and effective implementation.

"We built our first trees and expanded them. Before long, we got every single process mapped out into a decision tree," Jennings shared.

Jennings utilized Zingtree in multiple facets of their operations. "Firstly, we use it for agent processes. Every agent can log into Service Cloud Salesforce, and Zingtree guides them through handling queries efficiently." This implementation significantly improved agent training and performance.

In addition, Zingtree was integrated into FLEETCOR's website, empowering customers to self-serve effectively. "It's now embedded on our website where customers can self-serve, follow the right steps, deflect the contact, and we can educate the customers," Jennings said.

The impact

The introduction of Zingtree led to remarkable improvements:

  1. Reduced Agent Ramp Time: From 12 weeks down to just 3 days
  2. Decrease in Agent Errors: A significant reduction of 92% in agent errors
  3. Headcount Efficiency: Managed to reduce headcount by 30%, despite an increased customer base
  4. NPS Improvement: NPS score soared from +40 to +78
  5. Increased Revenue: Operations revenue increased by $1.5 million
  6. Fast Implementation & ROI: First implementation completed in 2 weeks, with ROI achieved by the sixth month

Jennings praised the partnership with Zingtree, "I really see Zingtree not as suppliers but as business partners... we often call upon their support, knowledge, and experience."

The success of Zingtree in the UK led to its expansion into North America, Western/Central Europe, and Australia.


FLEETCOR is a leading global business payments company that simplifies the way businesses manage and pay their expenses. The FLEETCOR portfolio of brands help companies automate, secure, digitize, and control payments on behalf of their employees and suppliers.

About Zingtree

Zingtree is the CX workflow platform that enables B2C enterprise companies to transform self-service, uncover and implement automation opportunities, and make every agent an expert.