Getty Images reduced support tickets by 60%

Visual content giant achieved substantial bottom-line savings without sacrificing quality.

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Getty Images
Products used:
Customer Self-Help

Improve customer support by:

  • Helping photographers and videographers answer their own questions
  • Eliminating avoidable customer support tickets
  • Reducing support costs

McDonald knew something had to be done. But his counterparts in IT were also facing a deep backlog, which meant any solution would face long delays getting implemented. And that’s when he found Zingtree. 

How Getty Images uses Zingtree

McDonald had been looking into chatbots, AI, phone support software – ”all the standard customer service tools,” he says. But when he came across Zingtree’s no-code solution, he realized he could just jump in and start building. 

As he began testing Zingtree, it struck him as easy to implement, intuitive to use, and – most importantly – effective. 

Using Zingtree’s Customer Self-Help solution, McDonald was able to construct a set of trees that helped photographers and videographers answer their own questions. It’s available right in the portal they already use, and covers the most common questions Getty Images receives. If a contributor still can’t find the answer, they can reach out to the existing team for more specialized assistance. 

The impact

“With Zingtree, you can get a customer to the answer in five clicks – with no back-and-forth,” McDonald says. “That’s been very powerful for us.”

The numbers bear that out. Getty Images has reduced tickets from about 50k a year to just 20k – a 60% reduction. And the team that handled those cases? They were able to reduce headcount from ten to four, savings hundreds of thousands in annual salary in the process. 

“Zingtree is a very easy, flexible, adaptable tool,” he concludes. “It will increase your service levels and reduce costs, easily. It almost feels like magic.”

It’s been personally rewarding for him, as well. “What I enjoy most about my job is seeing tangible increases in productivity, efficiency, and happiness,” he explains. “Our employees aren’t here to waste their time. If I can help them move up the value chain, I’ve done my job well.”

The next frontier

Because Zingtree can be used for so many use cases and can be spun up without IT help, McDonald is already putting his troubleshooter mind to work, exploring new possibilities. “I quickly saw we could use Zingtree for so much more,” he notes.

He’s starting to use Zingtree as an Internal Process solution in the Finance and Sales departments. Leveraging the tool’s powerful logic capabilities and its flexible integrations, he’s building workflows that connect with other systems and automate previously manual work.

“Here’s one example,” he shares. “A salesperson can go through a Zingtree decision tree to cancel an order, and the system will automatically create a ticket in one system and close the order in another. It’s basically lightweight RPA.” 

McDonald has more ideas for how to drive even greater efficiency at Getty Images with Zingtree. In the meantime, he’s pleased at the impact the solution has had so far. “Zingtree far exceeds my expectations. It’s a dream come true.”

About Getty Images: 

The industry leader in visual content, Getty Images provides its over one-million customers with a depth, breadth, and quality of coverage that is unmatched. 

About Zingtree: 

Zingtree is a no-code, interactive decision tree tool that helps your employees and customers navigate complex, consequential, and changing processes so they can take the next right action.