Create Simpler, Smarter Call Scripts

Boost call compliance with scripts that guide your agents through complex conversations.


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How it works

You build a script

Create call flow scripts and make updates without burdening IT.

Agents follow it

Empower support, sales, and schedulers to find info and explain it properly.

Customers benefit

Deliver accurate information in a timely manner, so customers walk away happy.


The many versions of agent scripting with Zingtree

Our interactive agent scripting solution powers inbound and outbound call centers, customer service teams, sales orgs, and appointment schedulers. Start with a single team or a whole department.

Customer support

Help inbound call center agents navigate incoming calls and resolve them the first time.


Help sales and marketing teams qualify leads, identify opportunities and find info quickly.


Help schedulers and outbound call center agents get customers or patients to the right expert.


How Zingtree helps

Make life easier for agents to make life easier for customers.

Ensure call compliance

Keep agents on track during every incoming call, whether they're providing technical support or driving sales.

Create and update scripts without any IT work

Zingtree’s no-code solution requires minimal effort on your part and less dependence on other teams.

Train agents dramatically faster

Make it simple for reps to figure out what to say, so they can focus on how to say it.


The amount of time CARTI, a cancer treatment center, shaved off call wait times by implementing Zingtree


Features built for Agent Scripting

Automated Actions

Configure trees to send emails or create documents automatically.

CRM Integrations

Allow your agents to see customer info and the call script on the same screen.

Changes on Command

Instantly publish changes to the script – with version control – whenever you decide.

Agent Feedback

Let your agents give feedback on the call script without even leaving the page.

Embed Anywhere

Insert your call script into a CRM or call center platform, or launch from a browser.

Instant Notes

Automatically transfer the transcript to the call notes section of your CRM or CCaaS.


Customer testimonials

Christina A.
VP of Operations | An innovative tech company

“Zingtree is a dynamic scripting tool that allows you to ensure compliance on every call. It’s easy to use and can deliver the results you need without much training.”


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