BPO American uses Zingtree integrations to drive business value

Call center leader uses Zingtree to reduce agent error, improve client onboarding times, and increase productivity.

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BPO American
Business Outsourcing & Contact Center
Products used:
Agent Scripting
  • Demonstrate knowledge of multiple client accounts
  • Reduce agent error
  • Integrate with existing systems
  • Increase productivity

The solution

BPO American knew what it needed: a cloud-based software that integrated with their existing tools and made it easy for contact center agents to follow a script. Thankfully, they found Zingtree.

“We auditioned several solutions. One of the important things for us was that the scripts needed to be easy to use as well as easy to build and update,” Fordham says. “With Zingtree, not only was the pricing good—it had the best integrations and ease of use. Other solutions made it complicated to build or do integrations, and some didn’t even offer integrations at all. There’s nothing worse than knowing you have all this data and not being able to get to it or having to pull it out manually. With Zingtree, about 90% of it is very intuitive and easy to learn. You’re just off to the races. At the start, we had close to 250 scripts. Today, we’re well over 400.”

Zingtree’s conversation workflow solution allows BPO American’s agents to move seamlessly between clients. Forham says, “[Our agents] don’t need to know everything about the companies. They just need to know how to use the script.”


The impact

Zingtree has empowered BPO American to drive business value where it wasn’t possible before and improve operations.

“We’ve reduced a lot of agent error,” Fordham says. “If you’re having an agent press buttons, someone’s going to press the wrong button. It happens. So, being able to have all that done in the backend, as well as pulling data out of tables and saying, ‘Okay, if the agent chooses this, pull this data and display it’ has definitely limited a lot of agent error.”

In addition to reducing agent error, the ease of using Zingtree has enabled BPO American to streamline training and increase the amount of people working on agent scripts.

“Instead of having one or two people like we used to have, we now have four or five people who are able to handle scripting,” Fordham says. “We even have a client of ours who does their own scripting. We got them licenses and they log in and do some of those things. We just had to show them how it worked.”

With these enhancements to the agent scripting process, BPO American was able to reduce the time it took to build a script from one week to just one or two days. This increase in productivity has also sped up the time it takes BPO American to onboard new clients. In the case of BPO American’s answering service solution, they use Zingtree to allow clients to sign up for the service just by filling out a form. The answering service goes live immediately.

“We couldn’t do that without a software like Zingtree,” Fordham says. “We can onboard our customers much faster because there’s a lot less involved in building scripts, plus we can send scripts for customers to review. They can use the feedback feature to make notes and send it back to us. We couldn’t do that before. It sped up the process a lot because before we would have to either go through it in a meeting or we’d have to do screenshots. It was a pain. Now, we can just send them a URL. It makes clients feel like they have a lot more say in what’s happening. Communication is key. We are even able to send data directly into a customer’s CRM, which saves time and effort.”

These improved processes have also helped with security. Fordham adds, “We’re able to use single sign-on, which has helped. We are HIPAA and PCI compliant, so we do have a lot of security involved. With Zingtree, we don’t have to worry about security lapses.”

And to those thinking about using Zingtree, Fordham had this to say:

“I’m always recommending Zingtree to everybody. It’s easy to use. It can do integrations, and there’s even more integrations coming. Building scripts is fast, simple, and intuitive. It doesn’t take a lot of training to get to the basic level, so you can use it at the basic level if you want, but you can go deeper into it and learn how to do more. It allows for a lot of flexibility and control.”

About BPO American:

BPO American’s mission is to provide—at every contact point—a full suite of customer communication services. Ensuring a genuine experience coupled with quantifiable satisfaction, each touch will be handled by someone who was rigorously recruited, trained, and subject of managerial oversight. On-going technological advancements enhance the personal touch.

About Zingtree:

Zingtree is a no-code, interactive decision tree tool that helps your employees and customers navigate complex, consequential, and changing processes so they can take the next right action.