Boost Call Compliance and Speed Up Training

Guide new and veteran agents – and even your customers – with no-code, interactive decision trees that help them reach the next best action.

Trusted by companies that drive higher customer satisfaction

Built for contact centers of all kinds

Zingtree’s customers stretch across a wide variety of organizations and departments.

  • Insurance
  • Healthcare
  • Consumer goods
  • Retail
  • Professional services
  • BPOs

How Zingtree helps

Deliver a quality experience for customers.

Level-up your entire team

Make every agent behave like your best agent. Create interactive decision trees that guide your employees through complex conversations.

Train new agents in a flash

Get agents up-to-speed weeks faster by taking the guesswork out of knowing what to say. That means a quicker return on investment and less handholding from veteran agents.

Deflect incoming tickets

Help customers answer their own questions. Build customer-facing decision trees that provide information without someone picking up the phone.


One tech company achieved 90% call compliance with Zingtree, up from 50%.

Multiple ways to help your contact center

Our products are highly flexible, so pick the tool and use case that suits you best.

Use Agent Scripting to provide your agents with information and/or messaging for each step of the call.

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Use Agent Scripting to train new hires on the proper procedure and correct messaging to follow.

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Use Customer Self-Help to help customers answer questions, generate quotes, or compare products.

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Customer testimonials

Stuart K.
Platform Manager | A top employee benefits company

“Zingtree guides our consultants to the next-best conversation. Compared to what we were doing before, we’ve avoided $30-40k on implementation, and can turn conversations off and spin up new ones at no cost.”

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