Careers at Zingtree

Learn what we stand for, what it’s like to work here, and how you can come join us.


Our values

Zingtree is a values-driven company.

We believe in creating value

We constantly strive to make things better than they were before. Together, we create value as a company by building high-quality products, solving real problems, and delivering better outcomes for our customers.

We believe in radical candor

We practice radical candor by communicating in both a direct and caring way.

Whether talking to a colleague or a customer, we challenge the issues without beating around the bush, while always striving to be kind and respectful.

We believe in empowering others

We empower our customers to take action with confidence.

We empower our own employees by trusting and enabling them to make their own decisions and hold themselves accountable to achieve results.

Work flow

We believe in acting with integrity

We act with integrity by being honest and taking responsibility for our actions, even when it’s hard.

We choose what’s fair and right for the company, the team, and the customer, ahead of our personal ambitions, needs, or feelings.

We believe in being reliable

We follow through on our commitments.

We consistently deliver on our promises and meet our customers’ expectations, so customers who rely on us day in and day out can trust that we can be counted on if issues arise.