Improve Patient Access and Satisfaction

Guide your agents handling scheduling, patient access, and administrative questions with no-code, interactive decision trees that help them navigate complex questions.

Trusted by organizations that drive higher patient satisfaction

Built for non-clinical teams of all kinds

Zingtree’s customers stretch across a wide variety of organizations and departments.

  • Hospitals
  • Outpatient centers
  • Urgent care facilities
  • Revenue cycle management
  • GPOs
  • Patient discharge and satisfaction

How Zingtree helps

Make your administrative staff part of the care team.

Boost accuracy and professionalism

Guide your customer support agents with interactive call scripts, so they know what to say and how to say it, no matter how complex the patient’s question.

Get patients scheduled correctly the first time

Ensure schedulers follow the right course of action based on a patient’s needs, rather than clinical guesswork. Reduce delays, unnecessary visits, and confusion in the process.

Shave weeks off the training process

Get rid of long onramp periods and the time spent shadowing experienced agents or schedulers. New hires can start delivering value in days instead of weeks.


The amount of time a regional outpatient surgery center saved training each new scheduler.

Multiple ways to improve patient care

Our products are highly flexible, so pick the tool and use case that suits you best.

Use Agent Scripting to provide your agents with information and/or messaging for each step of the call.

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Use Agent Scripting to help schedulers determine which physician should help each patient.

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Use Customer Self-Help to build online symptom-checkers or provide basic health information.

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Customer testimonials

William S.
Physician | A well-regarded regional surgery center

“Zingtree creates process standardization, adds predictability, and reduces training time. It’s a powerful way to do all that for scheduling.”

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