Help Your Team Find Info and Follow Procedure

Make sure things get done the right way by helping your team self-serve key information.


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How it works

You create a tree

Create interactive knowledge bases and FAQs without any coding by software developers.

Employees follow it

Help your teams find information via an intuitive Q&A interface without needing expert help.

Procedures get followed

Prevent mistakes from not following that knowledge base, instruction manual, or guide.


The many versions of Internal Process with Zingtree

Clients use our internal process management tools to create knowledge bases, map out standard operating procedures, or simply connect their data and tools.

Knowledge base

Capture information contained in your experts’ heads and put it to work with interactive company FAQs.

Configuration management

Help your team determine what deal or product configuration to follow for each of your customers.

Automated workflow

Use advanced tools to automate data entry or connect systems via our logic and API capabilities.


How Zingtree helps

Deliver clarity with minimal effort.

Make it easy to find information

Employees navigate a choose-your-own-adventure experience to pinpoint exactly what they were looking for.

Keep your knowledge base up-to-date

Business users can make changes in moments thanks to Zingtree’s drag-and-drop technology.

Simplify follow-up

Zingtree’s logic system can automatically enter data, fill out PDFs, create tasks for peers, or tell your other software tools to take action.


The amount of time engineers at an elite aerospace company have saved with their internal knowledge base.


Features built for Internal Process

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Control access based on a user’s login information, IP address, etc.

Flexible Integrations

Connect to countless tools with APIs and webhooks that push and pull info.

Automated Actions

Program trees to enter data, send emails, or create documents automatically.

Task Manager

Create tasks for peers to follow in a lightweight workflow system.


Handle version control and see what changes were made and when.

Custom CSS

Make the look and feel of your trees match your company’s internal style guides.


Customer testimonials

Bill R.
Sr. Director, Design Reliability | An elite aerospace company

“Our engineers went from reading an esoteric 80-page doc to something where they could find the answer without having to dig.


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