How zingtree helps

Make it easy for everyone to take the next best action. And save on costs to make your CFO happy.

Simple to build, maintain, & follow

Zingtree’s no-code solution lets you minimize the need for IT work, and lets you adapt workflows quickly. Combined with the AI-powered author assist feature, building workflows has become easier than ever before.

Turn complex processes into clear actions

Help your employees and customers navigate complex, consequential, or changing situations, & take the next right step. FleetCor's ramp time went from 3 weeks to 3 days.

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Keep your systems connected

Zingtree integrates with a wide variety of CRMs, contact center software, and data sources, so your team can see everything from a single screen. See all integrations.

How different teams use zingtree

Field Technicians

Boost productivity and compliance for your field service techs

  • Empower Field Technicians with decision trees to quickly solve complex problems in the field without needing to call HQ for help
  • Get lower Field Technician onboarding and training times
  • With Zingtree, your people will always know the next best action

Empower reps to close more sales

  • Help salespeople qualify leads and handle objections with interactive decision trees
  • Create a dynamic guide showing how to route qualified leads to the right Account Executives
  • Most relevant for large Sales teams with many SDRs or complex routing logic

Reduce agent ramp time by 85%

  • If you have more than 30 products or complex workflows, training times for new staff can take more than 3 weeks without Zingtree
  • Integrate agent workflows into your CRM to quickly onboard and guide agents while they interact with customers over the phone
  • Ideal for the training of agents, accountants, salespeople, and finance managers
Finance & Operations

Cut ticket volume by 60% with a self-service portal

  • Your customers may have questions about their accounts, billing, and taxes
  • Add Zingtree to your website to help customers answer their own questions
  • Automate finance workflows and let Finance & Ops focus on more complicated questions
Compliance & Risk

Stay compliant and sign contracts faster

  • The contract compliance process can take weeks for a Legal team to ensure companies conform to regulations and the terms
  • With Zingtree, salespeople can run prospects through the compliance process without the Legal team involved
  • Reduce the time and cost of completion of the contract signing process

Improve your development speed

  • Engineers have to follow lots of protocols in regulated markets to build a safe and compliant solution
  • Turn protocols into decision trees to guide engineers with bite-sized steps 
  • With Zingtree, engineers can figure out how to do things the right way without sifting through 100+ page PDFs of regulations

Automatically populate legal documents and route leads based on user inputs

  • Customize and populate legal documents based on inputs from website forms
  • Implement lead qualification to determine if a person meets the requirements of mass torts, class action, and mass arbitration lawsuits
  • Use decision trees to check if employees or customers are following legal processes correctly

Help HR managers to onboard and get work visas for new hires

  • Give HR managers a script to onboard new employees
  • Guide immigration partners in helping foreign newcomers to obtain work visas
  • Teach new hires about the product your company sells with interactive tours that adjust to each person independently

Get customer insights and qualify leads more efficiently

  • Implement a product selector on your website to help visitors choose the right product
  • Qualify leads on the website before they reach out to Sales to see if they will be a fit
  • Conduct A/B testing surveys

One platform for all your systems

Zingtree works with CRMs, contact centers, and other software tools. Connect data from one or multiple sources to a specific workflow, removing the need for a single data hub.


Zingtree is a very easy, flexible, adaptable tool. You can get the answer to the customer in five clicks – with no back-and-forth – if you know how to build. That’s been very powerful for us. It’s simple and effective. It will increase your service levels and reduce costs, easily. It almost feels like magic.

Brad McDonald Avatar

Brad McDonald

Business Program Manager at GettyImages


Zingtree allowed us to simplify choices for agents, and new hires so they can grasp the process more easily without having to master the complexities right away. Agents now walk-through and take the next step based on the interaction with the customer, so we don’t have to teach people all the little-bitty parts of the job every time.

Monika Aufdermauer Avatar

Monika Aufdermauer

Head of Customer Experience at August Home


We began building agent scripts in Zingtree so our support team could find answers quickly and deliver them correctly instead of rustling through a stack of papers and figuring out how to explain policies on the fly. Before Zingtree, call wait times used to be as high as 20 minutes while agents hunted for answers; now they average 2 minutes.


Tomekia Bozeman-Bailey

Director of Patient Access at Carti

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