Interactive Decision Trees That Save Time & Money

Zingtree makes it easy to build troubleshooters, phone scripts, process guides, diagnostic systems and more.

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Turn Complex Processes into Click, Click, Click

Zingtree makes it easy to guide anyone through complicated processes. Quickly create a decision tree that your site visitors, leads, trainees and/or customers navigate by clicking buttons to answer questions. And get detailed analytics on how your trees are being used to guide product, service and process optimizations. There's no better way to help people get answers faster.

draw a decision tree

Great Tools. No Programming.

Zingtree Designer
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Easy-to-Build Decision Trees

It's easy to get started. Let the Zingtree Wizard prompt you for the questions and answers to build each step of your process. Or use Visual Designer to draw a flowchart. You can also import from Google Sheets or Excel. Zingtree turns your project into working code - automatically!

Zingtree Session Data
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Watch Every Session

Zingtree saves a full Q&A transcript of each journey through your decision tree. You can see each session, or have these transcripts delivered along with any support ticket or contact request that uses email, chat or any CRM or Help Desk system. Huge time-saver!

Embed your trees
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Easy to Publish & Integrate

Send visitors to your tree with a simple link, show a button to overlay it on any page, or embed it in your web site. Customize with formatted text, images, video, or even your own CSS. Easily integrate with email, chat, CRM and Help Desk applications. And secure your work with IP Filtering or Single Sign-on.

Zingtrees can be used with Phones, Tablets or Desktops. Zingtree also has plug-ins for Wordpress, Zendesk, Salesforce, Freshdesk, Zendesk Chat and Intercom.


Zingtree Reports
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Powerful Analytics

Zingtree's reports help you better understand how your Zingtrees are being used. Check on performance specifics, examine traffic patterns, get demographic data, and more. You can even get click-by-click transcripts of every session.



See Zingtree in Action

Explore the Zingtree Gallery for several example trees you can explore, copy, and directly customize for your own use. Come see what's possible. Or, take an interactive tour of Zingtree (built with Zingtree, of course)!

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