CIC Health deploys at mass vaccination sites in days

Health company uses Zingtree to triage vaccinations at Fenway Park and Gillette Stadium.

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CIC Health




COVID-19 vaccination administrator

Products used:

Customer Self-Help


Improve patient triage by:

  • Allowing people to take health-risk assessments on their phones
  • Handling very high volume
  • Deploying rapidly with minimal interruption to their operations

The challenge

Speed matters in the fight against COVID-19. But while CIC Health has done an outstanding job starting up and administering the vaccination sites at Fenway Park, Gillette Stadium, and elsewhere, that required a more efficient way to assess thousands of patients daily.

“We needed to triage people coming to the vaccination site based on their proximity to COVID-19 – whether they’ve been infected, have symptoms, or have been near someone who’s been infected with it,” explains CIC’s Alex Graziano. “It’s integral to the process.”

Patients need to take a health risk assessment when they arrive at the vaccination site and, based on their answers, get sorted accordingly by the operations staff on the ground.

Getting that process to function smoothly, however, meant acquiring a tool that met several, specific requirements. First, it had to be simple enough that end-users could understand it and would actually follow-through. Anything confusing would defeat the purpose and slow down the pace of vaccinations.

Second, it needed to be able to handle high volume – a given, since CIC is dealing with crowds that can literally fill a football stadium.

Third, it needed to be rolled out quickly. In the midst of a pandemic, delays really can mean the difference between life and death. And CIC didn’t have months or even weeks to spare if they could help it.

The choice

CIC Health initially weighed whether to use a survey tool or to build their own solution. And then they found Zingtree – which would let them create a choose-your-own-adventure-type experience for their patients. It also happens to be HIPPA-compliant.

Graziano dove into a free trial and began seeing what the tool could do. “I signed up and started building our tree and said, ‘Okay, this works,’” he says. It looked clearly better than the alternatives. CIC doubted whether a survey tool would be scalable enough, and developing their own tool would cost not only money, but a more precious resource: time. Graziano decided to use Zingtree, and got it up and running quickly. “It took just 20 minutes to build our tree,” he says.

The result

Within days, CIC Health had rolled out the health risk assessment tree to their vaccination sites and had it in the hands of thousands of patients. It’s been incorporated into their walkthrough process, and patients can take their health risk assessment while standing in line. They simply show the final screen – which changes based on how they answered – to the operations staff, who directs each person accordingly.

“I’ve heard good feedback from people on the ground,” Graziano reports. “We transitioned easily – not even a blip in the process.”

Beyond speed, Zingtree is also providing scale. By summer, an estimated 3 million people will have gone through CIC’s triage tree as part of the vaccination process.

“Zingtree is definitely effective,” says Graziano. “If you want an automated tool and don’t want to hire developers to build it, get Zingtree instead.”

About CIC Health: 

CIC Health offers comprehensive COVID-19 testing and vaccination services that are accessible, fast, and easy. CIC Health is a Tech Top 50 Company in Massachusetts.

About Zingtree: 

Zingtree is a no-code, interactive decision tree tool that helps your employees and customers navigate complex, consequential, and changing processes so they can take the next right action.

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