Victoria's Health Organization launches COVID-19 self-assessment tool in 2 days

How Zingtree helped the state of Victoria, Australia fight Covid-19 – in record time.

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Department of Human & Health Services (DHHS) of Victoria, Australia
Products used:
Customer Self-Help
  • Provide accurate, accessible information to citizens
  • Launch quickly, with minimal IT lift

Moving quickly to a better solution 

The Department of Human & Health Services was responsible for getting critical COVID-19 information out through their website. They started with all the relevant information in a single page document. However, the document was wordy, constantly changing, and keeping the printed version updated was a challenge. Ewen Hill, senior developer of the web development team at the DHHS, led the efforts to replace this document with a more flexible solution. 

His team was looking at a few other cloud software options and internal solutions, when Zingtree was recommended to him. Ewen shared that “within an hour we knew we were on to something and shopping Zingtree around the office for comment.” The next day, Zingtree’ interactive self-assessment tool was pushed live via text message through the Victorian Emergency app, website, and social media channels. 

The community response was positive. “With Zingtree, we are giving people bite-size chunks of information that they can understand and move on, and not having to think about all of it,” explains Ewen. In the first week, 100,000 citizens used the self-assessment tool, and at its peak, 3,000 people per minute were accessing it on the website. “I was amazed that Zingtree can cope with our load levels when we sent out the emergency broadcast to every Victorian, and I was amazed at the speed, agility, and ability to blend it into our website.” 

How the team uses Zingtree 

The team effort within the DHHS to get this self-assessment tool live was remarkable. In the span of 8 hours, they had a beta version ready for launch. Using Zingtree’s Visual Editor, Ewen and his team transferred the information from the latest official document and wording from their epidemiologists into Zingtree’s decision trees. He expressed that “the Visual Editor is superb. It allowed our designer to drop the CSS from our homepage and make 10 alterations to match our site, down to the pixel.” 

They also needed to track the changes and different versions of the information for regulatory purposes. “We needed to put a version number on it, so we could say at this point in time, it was changed to this version. We added a bit of logic into it on our end, in case we needed the proof for future inquiries.”    

Even with new information coming out every day, the team feels prepared to move quickly. “If we have a massive change, we might have to spend 4-6 hours when we go to a new stage. But with subtle changes, it would be minutes. I am confident I would not be able to do it faster with any other tool.” 

Ewen sees more use cases of Zingtree’s platform when they break down each topic, from self-isolation to self-quarantining, into their own trees and guides. After this successful initial experience with Zingtree, Ewen shared, “I would highly recommend Zingtree and would be happy to share and assist other health agencies with our experience. I can’t see how you can improve the velocity of getting something live of this technical nature. I looked at the flowchart and thought, how have we built this? It is pretty amazing that we’ve gone from what we’ve had with the single page document to what we’ve got with version 2. I was totally shocked.” 

About Zingtree: 

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