Give Answers Faster: How Insurers Can Improve the Customer Experience

Customer experience makes or breaks any insurance company. Discover how you can use digital tools to make customers happy while deflecting support tickets.

July 13, 2021
10 min read
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With the rise of social media and review sites such as Trustpilot and ConsumerAffairs, market power has transferred from carrier to customer. As a result, great customer service underpins any successful insurance company more than ever. 

If an insurer is difficult to deal with, the customer service cumbersome, or payouts elusive, prospective clients will know about it. Just one subpar customer experience can foster a bad reputation for your business. And yet, according to IBM, 60% of insurance executives agree that their organization is lacking in CX strategy

So, how can insurance companies improve the experience for their customers? If you’re looking to level-up the customer experience in your organization, your first step should be to integrate digital self-service tools where possible. By empowering customers to access answers for themselves, you save money on call centers or other resources, and satisfy your clients by providing them with help quickly, on their own terms. If that isn’t enough, self-service solutions are scalable and highly affordable.

Integrated digital tools do more than just avoid fires; they can help turn every customer experience into an exceptional one – simplifying and personalizing for them and automating for you.. Win more business by implementing some of the following solutions: 

Interactive guides and troubleshooters

Deflect unnecessary questions and tickets with self-serve interactive guides and troubleshooters for your customers. These can help answer common customer questions − such as how to submit a claim or access policy documents − by asking simple, step-by-step questions. This makes it easier for customers to pinpoint the right information in a fast and accessible way. 

Helping customers to help themselves means you work smarter by cutting down on the need for first-line support calls, letting your support team focus on more complicated questions. 

A good troubleshooter tool will also allow you to take inputted information and apply it to a ticket if the issue remains unsolved. As such, expert advisors are fully informed about a customer’s situation. This information can even be integrated into the agent script during a support call.

Product selectors

Similar to interactive guides, product selectors help your website visitors sort through all the available policy options and recommend the right product for their needs. The idea is to create digital touchpoints rather than requiring humans to achieve the same goal − guiding the customer to the right choice. As a result, sales go up, and costs go down. 

Plus, a fully responsive product selector will help customers browsing on mobiles or other devices to navigate potentially dense website content, narrowing down products with ease rather than being overwhelmed by the number of options available.

Additionally, with customers increasingly looking for tailored plans to fit their needs, a powerful product selector can also provide personalization that could prove the clincher − leading the customer to choose your provider over another.  

Quote generators

More than six in 10 U.S. consumers say their go-to channel for simple inquiries is a digital self-serve tool, so it’s imperative to serve those who prefer a digital approach. Online quote generators provide a frictionless process for customers by giving them key pricing information about a policy, without the need to pick up the phone to speak to an advisor. This not only simplifies the process for the customer, but frees up your team and allows you to dedicate resources to more important areas, rather than relying on human input to generate a quote. Plus, generating price quotes in this way is more interactive and enjoyable for the customer. 

Automatic forms

An effective tool can also automatically insert information into a form − generating a document that customers can then digitally sign. This is particularly effective for creating policy documents, ensuring forms are accurately completed, and reducing the need for physical paperwork. But that’s not all: The same function can also be used to accurately complete claims documents − or any other document required from pre-existing customers − in a dynamic, user-friendly way. 

Choosing the right tool

With Gartner finding that 81% of companies expect CX to be the key battleground in the fight for market dominance, there’s no time to waste in reevaluating and improving your organization’s customer experience. Providing additional digital services such as those mentioned is low-hanging fruit for your business in the race to satisfy customers affordably, at scale.  

Don’t pay the price for poor customer service − empower potential clients to find answers for themselves with Zingtree. Zingtree is a no-code solution that helps you build interactive guides, troubleshooters, product selectors, quote generators, and much more, right from your browser. 

You can then add those self-serve tools to your website – and make instant updates in the future – with minimal reliance on IT teams. Because Zingtree is a no-code solution, you can simply make quick and easy edits and push them live without any wholesale website changes. And, with custom CSS, you can ensure you also match your company’s look and branding throughout. 

On the back-end, flexible integrations and automated actions allow you to enter CRM data, send emails, or create documents automatically from your customer’s inputs, so your decision trees become part of a powerful workflow that suits the complexity of your business. 

You can even supplement your digital tools with Zingtree Agent Scripting, arming your advisors with powerful scripts to support and guide them. Information entered by your customer can then be plugged straight into a dynamic agent script, equipping advisors with the right information, faster, and making them more confident in the process.

Want to find out more about how Zingtree can fit your exact use case, deflect inbound tickets, and help differentiate your business? Book your demo with us today!