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Follow call center script best practices on every call with Zingtree call center scripting software. Increase compliance, set agents up for success.

September 16, 2020
10 min read
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Maximize your agents’ potential while saving time & money

When interacting with customers on a sales or support call, agents face a wide range of challenges − they’re often required to collect or input data, offer accurate information or support on the spot, and win over the lead or customer, all at the same time. No matter the task at hand, agents have to think on their feet, and maintain professionalism at all times. 

With so much to bear in mind with every call, how can you ensure that your agents never drop the ball? With Zingtree interactive agent scripting, you can elevate your agents’ capabilities with powerful interactive scripts that guide them through even the most demanding of customer interactions. As the conversation progresses, your agent will see exactly what to say or where to find more information at every step along the way – without having to rummage through shared documents or printed papers. And – from an administrative point of view, our easy-to-use, no-code scripting tool allows you to launch your scripts in minutes, no matter your product or service. 

Ensure compliance with every call

Level-up your organization’s compliance with Zingtree call center scripting software by delivering exceptional service on each and every call. Depending on your business needs, you can also choose to design scripts that agents can follow word for word, or give them built-in flexibility to let each agent add their personal touch. Either way, your agents have all the tools they need to keep every customer support or sales call personalized yet consistent.

Plus, with automatic note generation at the end of every call sent straight to your CRM or Help Desk, you’ll be able to analyze each agent’s path to ensure they follow call center script best practices, giving your organization the highest chance of achieving customer satisfaction every time. Whether your agents are having a good day, or are feeling a little off their game, quality assurance in your contact center has never been easier.

Empower your agents to excel with every interaction

There’s no limit to the number of customer problems a support agent can face, nor the challenges that can be thrown up in a sales call. Thankfully, with Zingtree’s call center scripting software, your agents will be supported in every call, and given the training tools to maximize their potential. With our script feedback feature, it’s easy for agents to be involved in the creation and optimization of scripts, raising the performance of the entire team. Plus, with our easy-to-maintain, dynamic training scripts, you can onboard and train your agents dramatically faster − from teaching them the ins and outs of your organization, to developing their soft skills.

Forget relying on call recordings alone to analyze agent performance. With Zingtree, you have access to a rich dashboard of analytics so that you can gain insight into how your scripts are being used, where your agents are performing well, and where improvements need to be made. Essentially, it's all the intelligence you need to ensure that your agents are performing, right from the starting point of every call, up until the customer hangs up. 


Successful organizations know that executing an effective customer support or sales call helps to provide ongoing benefits to your long-term customer engagement and loyalty. Discover the features that set our interactive sales and customer service scripting software apart from other solutions on the market.

  • Instant Notes
    Enjoy automated note generation at the end of every call, sent straight into your CRM or Help Desk system. This helps you to keep useful information on every call, with no extra effort required by your agents.
  • Customer Verification
    Ensure that your customer is who they say they are with mobile phone number verification technology. Easily integratable into any script, this helps you to add an extra layer of security to every call in a way that’s fully trackable and recordable.
  • Safe & Secure
    Keep tight control over who has access to your Zingtree scripts with robust security features as standard, including access control, role-based authentication and more. 
  • Cloud Based
    With no downloads required, it’s quick and easy to get set up with Zingtree in no time. Plus our cloud-based setup ensure you can access your scripts from any web browser or mobile, 24/7.
  • Easy Build Wizard
    Thanks to our Wizard tool, creating trees is effortless. Simply enter your questions and answers to scripts; Zingtree does the rest. You’ll be able to launch your scripts in moments.
  • Import Tool
    Import scripts using Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets to make script building a breeze. It couldn’t be easier to collaborate on your content, and drop it straight into a live script. 
  • Browser Extension
    Our Chrome extension makes Zingtree compatible with every contact center − simply launch your scripts from any CRM or Help Desk system and hit the ground running.
  • Powerful Analytics
    Check on agent performance specifics, examine customer interaction patterns, and get actionable data from our rich and detailed analytics capabilities. There’s no better way to know exactly what’s going on in your call center, and the action happening within every call. 

Call scripting has never been easier.

Join the hundreds of call centers worldwide that trust Zingtree to empower their agents with interactive scripts that keep teams productive and customers happy. With no-code, easy implementation, you’ll see improved team compliance and increased agent performance from the get-go.

Find out more about how Zingtree can support your agents in delivering excellence with every call today!

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