Our Pricing

Pick the right plan for your team.


For internal use by smaller contact centers and teams


From $25

per user per month

(Billed annually)

Best for:

  • Agent Scripting

    Standardize support processes to ensure that every customer interaction follows standard operating procedures.


  • 5 to 25 users

    Users include both the authors of decision trees and the end-users who follow them.

  • Up to 10 decision trees / scripts

    Build up to 10 decision trees or scripts for use by internal agents.


For bigger teams and many uses


Flexible pricing and bulk discounts

Best for:

  • Agent Scripting

    Standardize support processes to ensure that every customer interaction follows standard operating procedures.

  • Internal Process Managment

    Standardize workflows that have a series of repeatable steps, such as following an instruction manual or creating a form.

  • Customer Self-Help

    Use interactive decision trees to guide customers to troubleshoot their issues or get answers on their own.


  • 10-10k users

    Users include both the authors of decision trees and the end-users who follow them.

  • Unlimited decision trees / scripts

    Build as many decision trees or scripts for internal agents as you would like.

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Easy Script Builder and Editor

Add images, videos, and text into your decision tree or scripts, and import from Excel or Google Sheets using our no-code editor.

Free Templates and Customization

Use templates to build decision trees faster and use the theme builder to match you brand using custom CSS and Javascript.

Multiple Data Collection Formats

Rely on a flexible set of data entry fields, including text entry, action buttons, radio buttons, and more.

Agent Portal and Feedback

Standardize support processes to ensure that every customer interaction follows standard operating procedures.

Agent Performance Tracking

The Zingtree Agent Portal is a simple way to give agents access to interactive scripts without having to integrate with a CRM or Help Desk system.

Advanced Scripting Logic

10+ real-time reports and detailed analytics to see how your decision trees and scripts are being used both internally and externally.

Custom Webhooks

Send data to and from Zingtree using a custom URL you create, as well as embed your trees on any site.

Salesforce and Other CRM Integrations

Integrate Zingtree scripts and data into Salesforce, Zendesk, Freshdesk, and 1000+ more tools.

Call Center Integrations

Integrate Zingtree scripts and data into your call center platform.

Single Sign-On

Zingtree supports Single Sign-on (SSO) as a means of restricting access to trees.

Google Sign-In
IP Filtering
API Access
Document Nodes

Support and Service

Online Chat and Email Support

A member of the Zingtree team will answer any questions and provide timely support.

Proof of Concept

Have an expert build a proof-of-concept based upon documentation you provide.

Design Review

Our solution architects will join you for a review of your trees to make sure you’re using everything Zingtree has to offer.

Training Session

Includes a 1 hour training session for your Authors with one of our Zingtree experts.

VIP Customer Support

Your dedicated account manager will answer any questions and provide timely support.


Pricing Tiers with Bulk Discounts

Pricing plans are designed to be flexible to meet your needs.


How our pricing works

User vs. session

We base Agent Scripting on the number of users. We base Internal Process and Customer Self-Help on a platform subscription and the number of sessions.

Bulk and product

We offer discounts the more users/sessions you purchase, and for buying multiple products.

No hidden

Our pricing includes onboarding, implementation, and support. No surprise charges.



How do I get started?

If you’re part of a small business, sign up for a free trial to create your account. If you decide to purchase Zingtree, you’ll automatically convert to a paid account and all the content you’ve created during the trial will sync over. 

For medium or large businesses, it’s typically best to speak with our sales team so we can connect on your needs and make sure you get the most out of the product. 

Do I get access to all three products with the Professional plan?

You would need to purchase a Professional plan for each one (ie, Agent Scripting, Internal Process, and Customer Self-Help), though you do get a bulk discount for purchasing multiple products. Speak with our sales team for more information.

Do you offer month-to-month subscriptions?

Zingtree only offers annual subscriptions at this time. Our minimum contract term is 1 year.

How long does the free trial last? Are there limits during the trial period?

The trial period lasts 30 days. You get access to all features during the free trial period. The only limitations are the number of users (20) and the total number of session credits your organization can use (2,000).

Who is considered a user for your user license?

A user is any individual associated with your organization who accesses Zingtree. Broadly, there are two types of users: 
1) Authors: An individual who creates and manages decision trees in Zingtree. You can also give specific authors extra permissions, like being a superuser or the Billing Administrator for the account. 
2) Agents: An individual who uses the decision tree. This could be an agent, a customer support representative, a salesperson, etc. 

Am I able to purchase for just a single user?

No, Zingtree requires a minimum of 5 user licenses for the Essential plan.

How do I add additional user licenses?

Contact at any time to request additional licenses. The additional licenses will be prorated for your existing contract term.

What is a session credit?

A session credit gets used every time an external user (typically one of your customers) begins interacting with a decision tree. That end-user can continue to navigate through that tree – as many clicks as it takes – and it will consume only one session credit. 

Do you offer unlimited contracts (agents and/or sessions) for large customers?

Yes. Please speak with our sales team for more information. 

How much does it cost? Can you send me a quote?

For our Essential plan, each user license costs $300 per year (minimum 5 user licenses). 

For the Professional plan, please request a demo or contact to discuss your specific use case and request a quote.

How does billing work?

For Essential plans, you can either purchase directly with your credit card or request to be invoiced with a Purchase Order. 
For Professional plans, we invoice with Purchase Orders. 

Note that all contacts are annual. Please reach out to Sales if you’re interested in a multi-year contract.

What types of payments do you accept?

We accept credit card, wire transfer, ACH, and other bank transfers

Are there any setup fees?

No, we do not charge setup fees for either paid or trial accounts. Likewise, you can start a free trial without entering a credit card.

What happens to my content after the trial period ends?

If you purchase Zingtree, your content will automatically move to your paid account. If you do not purchase Zingtree by the end of your free trial, your decision trees will be archived in case you buy in the future.

What is your cancellation policy?

You must send us a cancellation request. Please note that we require a minimum 30-day written notice prior to your desired end date. Your subscription will remain active until the term ends; the subscription will then expire.