Business-Changing Technology: 5 Customer Success Stories

Discover these B2B customer success stories and see how new technology can disrupt even the most established industries.

July 30, 2021
10 min read
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Any business operation can expect to have a variety of customers − regardless of industry, no matter how big or small, no two customers are alike. The way to achieve customer success is dependent on how you consistently apply your communication and understanding throughout the customer journey: from reeling customers in with an effective content marketing strategy, to fully supporting them with robust post-purchase support. 

Automation is an essential tool that companies are now relying on to quickly improve customer service, process management, troubleshooting, and other key business functions. In the last few years, many companies have made strides in improving customer success, with the help of powerful automation tools and other technologies. We’re taking a look at just a few of their stories.

Evernote & Craftsman And Wolves

Evernote is a highly integrated, universal note-taking tool where you can store just about anything imaginable. 

Craftsman and Wolves is a one-shop contemporary pâtisserie based in San Francisco, specializing in breakfast pastries, cakes, breads, and confections.

How Evernote Helps Craftsman And Wolves

Craftsman and Wolves are proud of pursuing their craft when facing numerous challenges – the main one is to achieve the expected standard for every item they make. They catalog menus, put market lists together, use to-do lists, and execute lists for maintenance. Thanks to Evernote, they can update everything in real-time, so they’re in sync with staff, communication is consistent, and no task gets missed. 

They say that because of their regular changes and the ability to adapt with Evernote, they are able to consistently apply their high turnover of pasty crafts and pass along their savings and time to each individual consumer. 

View the case study. 

Shopify & Mindzai 

Shopify is an eCommerce solution enabling businesses to organize and customize a personal storefront where all payment systems, tracking, and communication is at the click of a button. 

Mindzai uses blank products as an alternative to painting canvases where artists can create something more fun and unique. 

How Shopify Helps Mindzai

Shopify provided the perfect platform for Mindzai to run their online business as easily as possible. They needed a website that was fully flexible and mobile-friendly, so they could spend less time on eCommerce tasks and focus attention on their customer’s journey and overall success. With Shopify freeing their time, they could focus on increasing their market share, and most importantly, connecting with new and existing customers. 

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Zingtree & Getty Images

Getty Images is known for producing content seen the world over: powerful photos, illustrations, video clips, and more that tell visual stories for businesses, media outlets, and websites worldwide.

Zingtree is a no-code, interactive decision tree tool that helps you create agent scripts, guide customers, and manage internal processes. By turning workflows into a choose-your-own-adventure-type experience, Zingtree can help users reach the next best action and make the complex simple. 

How Zingtree Helps Getty Images

With over 350,000 photographers and videographers producing content for Getty Images on a daily basis, Getty Images was on the receiving end of roughly 50k support tickets a year. Many of these were repetitive in nature, such as how to update one’s account, or when to expect payment. 

Getty Images chose Zingtree for its no-code solution that meant no technical expertise was needed to get building. Using Zingtree’s Customer Self-Help solution, Getty Images was able to build interactive decision trees that help photographers and videographers answer their own questions. The result? Support tickets were reduced from 50k a year to just 20k − a 60% reduction, and so was the reliance on the relevant support team, who were able to reduce their headcount from ten to four. 

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HubSpot & Parlor Skis 

HubSpot is an all-in-one inbound marketing and sales software that companies use for visitor attraction and lead conversion. 

Parlor Skis is a personalized service for ski equipment that offers a wide range of design options and customizations.

How HubSpot Helps Parlor Skis

Before HubSpot, Parlor Skis had CRM issues and excessive email threads where orders would get lost and sales disrupted. HubSpot’s software helped Parlor Skis categorize and track orders right through production, and deliver thanks to their “intuitive and simple to use product.” With an elaborate feature for personalization, Hubspot enabled Parlor Skis to categorize orders effectively, increasing their customer success and helping to spread more positive brand awareness.

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Freshbooks & Milieu Interior Design

Freshbooks is an accounting software designed for small businesses that makes expenses, invoicing, and time tracking simple and secure.

Sarah is an Architectural and Interior Designer who runs her own sole proprietorship, Milieu Interior Design. She needed more flexibility and control due to family commitments. 

How Freshbooks Helps Milieu Interior Design

Before Freshbooks, Sarah of Milieu Interior Design used separate spreadsheets for all business activity – which became far too complicated to manage by herself. Freshbooks now saves Sarah significant time due to its simple capabilities, compared to inputting separate data under various spreadsheets. Now, she can also use the same platform to record hours and invoices together, saving time that can be better spent with her clients and potential customers. 

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Technology can make your business processes smarter and faster. That, in turn, increases productivity, improves the quality of your customer service, and drives higher sales. 

Interactive decision trees are a great example of game-changing technology. They’re simple but powerful, and have the potential to transform your business processes. Zingtree is the leading interactive decision tree tool that helps over 700+ organizations around the world improve internal processes, optimize the sales cycle, and help customers help themselves.

To find out how Zingtree can be integrated into your business processes and improve customer success, don’t hesitate to request your free demo today. Our team will show you the benefits for your precise use case and help you get started.