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Check out these examples of how you can use Zingtree for Agent Scripting:   

"The Decision Tree system provided by Zingtree was just what the doctor ordered. I would recommend Zingtree without reservation."
- Gregory Friedman, CEO Airebeam.  Read the full Airebeam case study.

Build, Deploy & Analyze Scripts. Without Coding!

Embed your trees
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Works in any Browser

If your agents have a web browser, they can use your custom Zingtree scripts. It's easy to add scripts to any web page, or you can have Zingtree host them for free. You can even set up individual agent tracking to see who your superstars are.

Zingtree Designer
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Easy-to-Build Scripts

It's easy to get started. Let the Zingtree Wizard prompt you for the questions and answers to build each step of your process. Or use Visual Designer to draw a flowchart. You can also import from Google Sheets or Excel. Zingtree turns your project into working code - automatically!

Pause and Resume
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Pause and Resume

Zingtree keeps track of the last screen and history of each session. So if a call is transferred from one agent to another, the new agent can take over where the previous one left off.

Zingtree Session Data
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Tracking. Reports. Analytics!

Zingtree saves a full Q&A transcript of each journey through your scripts, and collects lots of useful data along the way. You can see each session by agent, get performance summaries, see where agents get stuck, and more.

Agent Scripting in Zendesk
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Integrate with Anything

For Zendesk users, check out our fully integrated Zendesk Agent Scripting App. Your custom script travels with each ticket, even if another agent picks up the session. Each agent's interactions are tracked.

Zingtree also has similar integrations for Salesforce and Freshdesk, and can be hooked into any CRM system.

See Zingtree in Action

Explore the Zingtree Gallery for several example trees you can explore, copy, and directly customize for your own use. Come see what's possible. Or, take an interactive tour of Zingtree (built with Zingtree, of course)!

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