Data exchange via 3rd-party URLs.

Zingtree is able to send and receive data from other applications using the Zingtree Webhook app. You can send data to a URL, and receive JSON formatted data back as Zingtree variables.

Read this article for an example and more details.

Here's an overview of the process:

1. Add a webhook to your organization's apps.

  • Go to Account, My Apps, and click the Webhook app.
  • Enter the URL where you will be sending and receiving data.
  • The URL can contain Zingtree data entry variables, like #name#, #email# etc.
  • If you want Zingtree to receive data, the URL must return data in a JSON format.

2. Include a call to the webhook in a node.  When the node is visited, the call is executed.

  • Go to Overview, and click Edit for the Node you want to make the call.
  • Click the Apps/Webhooks tab.
  • Click Add App/Webhook.
  • Under Call App or Webhook, pick the Webhook app you installed previously.
  • You can include an optional Message, which gets sent to the URL as a variable in a JSON data block.

More info: