Assist agents and customers faster with CX Answers

The no-code enterprise engine that helps you find accurate information anywhere in your enterprise, wherever you need it.

Create end-to-end actions to drive fast and accurate query resolutions

See CX Actions in action with our finance use case below. See how it seamlessly pulls and pushes data across all your systems. Follow the highlighted hotspot.

Agent Experience

Explore CX Answers from an agent's perspective. See how it uses context to help agents find the right answers quickly, eliminating the need to switch screens during calls

Customer Experience

See how customers effortlessly find accurate and relevant answers themselves using CX Answers' intelligent search and discovery features

Embed Call Scripts to the CRM of Your Choice

Including Salesforce, Zendesk, Talkdesk, Freshdesk, Kustomer, 
Avaya, Cisco, Five9, Zoho, SugarCRM, ServiceNow, Intercom, Platfrom 28, Slack, Zapier.
CX Answers rapidly identifies and suggests answers, scripts, and knowledge articles from your system, tailored to the specific issue encountered by the agent with the customer.
Before we get started, please keep in mind that this is a guided tour, so it’s limited by design.
Take your time! Pause to absorb and interact. When ready to move forward, click ‘Next’ on any screen.
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Boost self-service

Enable customers to find accurate and relevant answers themselves with intelligent search and discovery.

Speed-up resolutions

Leverage context to drive agent assist and connect them to the answers they need to avoid time-consuming screen juggling during calls.

Personalize interactions

Automaticaly adapt answers to each customer and agent by responding to a person’s unique context and intent.

Cut support costs

Automation capabilities enable you to reduce agent headcount, training times, and cost per call.

Deploy across customer & agent environments

Your agents & customers need to get answers faster. Deliver those right to their fingertips.

Customers can access through:
Help Center
  • Boost self-service by automating up to 50% of incoming tickets
  • Maintain relevant answers with variables from your CRM and website
  • Enhance accuracy as AI learns from customer interactions
Knowledge Articles
  • Adapt search results based on real-time customer behavior on your website
  • Boost upsells with contextual insights
  • Generate answers to direct questions instead of links to knowledge
Authenticated Account Page
  • Deliver search results adapted to each user's account activity and preferences
  • Highlight account-specific updates or changes using AI-driven prompts
  • Allow users to ask product-related questions and receive straight answers
Agents can access through:
CRMs, CCaaS, & Custom Systems
  • Access fast and accurate answers from any knowledge source
  • Store and retrieve information in five languages for global communication
  • From Tier 1 agents viewing 10 articles to Tier 2 accessing 50—you control search results
Zingtree Knowledge Portal 
  • Access directly to CX Answers, perfect for agents without a dedicated CRM
  • Tailor search results based on user preferences or previous queries
  • Enhance search feed with decision trees for precise troubleshooting guidance

Unify scattered data and knowledge from your apps

Publish answers to agent workflows, search results, and self-service with a single integration. The engine will automatically adjust answers based on the user’s specific context.

Realize ROI faster

A quick, IT-free setup gives you more control to hit your CX goals. Drive new efficiencies for your organization from day 1. Your IT team will love it.

Access more automation with CX Actions

CX Actions is an addition to CX Answers that offers more advanced automation capabilities. It enables you to automate every key business action, such as appointment scheduling, billing inquiries, refunds, and returns—all without code.