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October 20, 2020
10 min read
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The industry-leading decision tree tool 

With Zingtree, it’s easy to break down complex situations into simple, step-by-step questions that guide your team to the best, actionable solution. Our interactive decision tree software makes it easy for your team to make the right decision at scale, helping each user analyze different courses of action and choose the best solution for their problem. Plus, with our easy-build wizard and wide range of plug-and-play templates, you can get started in no time. There’s no better way to build your process flow or decision tree diagram, then bring it to life in a choose-your-own adventure experience that keeps your users on track. 

What is a decision tree?

In every decision process, a series of decisions must be made on a smaller scale in order to arrive at the definitive solution. Using a decision tree helps users visualize these smaller decisions, breaking down the wider problem in a way that is engaging, interactive, and effective. Essentially, an interactive decision tree is a flowchart that the user navigates, step-by-step, until they reach the right next action. 

Common examples of decision trees include product troubleshooters; appointment scheduling for medical professionals, where the patient is directed to the right option based on their symptoms or insurance; or any number of knowledge guides. Information is displayed in what are known as “leaf nodes,” connected by branches that represent the different courses a user could take moving through the tree. 

By presenting the information one step at a time, it reduces the risk of a user becoming overwhelmed or overloaded with information, empowering comprehensive, logic-based decision making. However, while decision trees are simple in premise, it’s important to use interactive decision tree software such as Zingtree to build trees that are both interactive and accurate. As such, you can be sure your tree is as effective as possible for your organization. 

Creating custom decision trees has never been easier

It’s easy to create a decision tree with Zingtree. You can automatically add branches and leaf nodes with our easy tree-building tools, and keep your trees maintained without any coding skills. Effortlessly customize your decision trees to match your organization’s branding, and achieve a high quality, finished product. Then, once your tree is ready to go live, it can be easily embedded into your website, launched from your Help Desk or CRM, or connected with thousands of apps. 

Creating a decision tree for your organization really is simpler than ever before. With seamless set-up and maintenance, Zingtree’s interactive decision tree software allows you to build, optimize, and publish your flows in minutes, so that you can achieve consistent, quality decision making, no matter the size of your team.  

Decision tree software for every purpose

With Zingtree, the possibilities are endless. Our interactive decision tree software is used for a wide range of purposes in all kinds of organizations, from local businesses to multinational corporations. Organizations around the world use Zingtree to train team members; power effective agent scripts; build interactive guides, troubleshooters, and knowledge bases; and much more. 

Zingtree allows you to super-charge your training processes by implementing easy-to-follow, scalable procedures and simulations that make training more streamlined, effective, and enjoyable. Plus, employees are able to provide feedback on every tree, helping you to optimize their learning as much as possible. Additionally, you can use Zingtree to build detailed knowledge bases and process solutions to help your team find answers quickly, whether in a training or real-world environment. By guiding employees step-by-step through processes, they only receive the key information they need, while unnecessary content is eliminated. Choose Zingtree to keep your team informed, efficient, and equipped with all the knowledge they need to solve complex challenges on-the-fly. 

Powerful features to drive better decision-making at scale

There’s no better way to build an interactive decision tree than with Zingtree. Choose from the wide range of pre-built decision tree templates in our gallery, or use our easy drag-and-drop interface which makes building and modifying trees a breeze. Enjoy access to your trees from any browser with our web-based tool − while keeping the peace of mind that your trees are in safe hands with our robust security features including access control, role-based authentication, and more. 

Plus, with in-built audit trail capabilities, track who made changes to your tree, when they did it, and what they changed, to ensure you maintain an official record. Finally, with our powerful analytics, you’ll gain detailed decision tree analysis, allowing you to examine usage patterns, and get actionable data. 

Make important decisions the easy way with Zingtree, and ensure that every member of your team follows the right process and achieves the best result.

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