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Empower your agents with powerful, dynamic agent scripts that make your customer service call center run more efficiently. Discover how Zingtree can save your organization time and money today.

September 29, 2020
10 min read
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Start running a more successful, compliant contact center 

Are your agents still working off inflexible, hard-to-manage scripts in your contact center? Or perhaps not working off any script at all? In order to maintain a compliant and successful operation, you’ll need to be using interactive agent scripting. For the best in inbound customer service tools, look no further than Zingtree. Our flexible agent scripting tool empowers your support agents to deliver exceptional, compliant service, every time. 

With our easy-to-maintain digital scripts, you’re able to standardize processes and secure both customer and agent satisfaction on every call. Plus, thanks to our hundreds of plug-and-play interactive scripting templates, you can get up and running in no time. Say goodbye to outdated and inefficient processes and start running an optimized, effective contact center with Zingtree today.

Execute a better customer support call

Every customer service representative faces multiple challenges when faced with incoming calls. In the midst of dealing with complex customer issues, complying with company procedure, and navigating help desk software, it’s easy for agents to make mistakes or misspeak. 

That’s where Zingtree’s call center software comes in. With Zingtree, your agents can follow a simple, interactive script in real time, safe in the knowledge that they are fully compliant with company policy, while enjoying the flexibility and freedom to give each customer’s call a personalized touch. By making it easier to train your agents on what to say, they can focus more closely on how to say it − the catalyst to a more meaningful connection with customers. With Zingtree, you can start boosting your customer happiness and providing exceptional support, no matter your product or service.

Get unparalleled insights into each team member’s performance 

Since most contact centers rely on multiple software tools − few of which are dedicated to agent scripting − it’s often difficult to track exactly how agents interact with call scripts. As such, it can be hard to get real insights into the performance of each agent. Thanks to Zingtree’s powerful analytics capabilities, you can get clear, actionable data on where your agents are hitting and exceeding key KPIs, and where they have room to grow. Plus, as an agent moves through a script, their path will be automatically recorded, providing customer intelligence on common issues or winning actions that cannot be generated through surveys or market research alone. All this helps you to train your agents, and your organization, to be the best they can be, resulting in more positive customer feedback and happier agents. 

Plus, Zingtree can help you to simplify and accelerate your agent onboarding and training process. By taking data from live agent scripts and applying these insights to interactive training scenarios, your agents can be prepared for even the most challenging inbound calls. And, the more prepared your agents are, the better customer experience you will be able to provide across the board. 

Give every call center agent the tools they need to grow

Inbound and outbound calls alike are more successful with a flexible agent script, so equip your agents with the industry-leading tool for interactive agent scripting. Zingtree is the contact center solution that does more than just power excellent inbound calls —  it’s used by call centers around the world to enhance agent performance, reduce training times, and to keep agents motivated and customers satisfied. 

Plus, Zingtree facilitates greater communication and collaboration between agents. Our Pause and Resume feature keeps track of the last screen and history of each session. This makes it easy for agents to transfer calls from one agent to another, and keeps everyone in the loop so that the new representative can take over where the previous one left off.

Much more than just an inbound call center solution

With Zingtree, you can do more than just launch effective agent scripts. With our powerful additional features, you have everything you need to maintain the highest levels of security, generate powerful analytics, and integrate your scripts seamlessly into your pre-existing software.

  • Instant Notes
    Thanks to Zingtree’s automated note generation at the end of every call, you’ll receive detailed information on the call delivered straight into your CRM or Help Desk system. This helps you to keep track of all the important details, and ensure that there is clear communication between agents or departments.
  • Customer Verification
    Our mobile phone number verification technology allows you to add an additional layer of security to every call. Your agents can confirm the caller’s phone number with a quick, automated SMS message in this easy feature that can be integrated into any script. 
  • Safe & Secure
    You can trust that your scripts will remain in the right hands with Zingtree’s robust security features, including access control, role-based authentication, and more. It’s easy to track and control who is using Zingtree, and how. 
  • Cloud Based
    Zingtree is fully cloud based, meaning there are no downloads required. You can access your scripts from any web browser or mobile, 24/7, giving your team the flexibility and freedom they need to work from any location.  
  • Easy Build Wizard
    You can get your new, dynamic scripts up and running in no time with our easy-to-use Wizard for building scripts. Create scripts effortlessly by simply entering the questions and answers to your scripts, and Zingtree will handle the rest. Absolutely no coding, or technical ability required!
  • Import Tool
    Easily import scripts using Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets to make transferring pre-existing content to Zingtree a breeze. Collaborate on your script content with your team, and quickly add the finished product straight into Zingtree, where your script will be built out automatically. 
  • Browser Extension
    If your contact center uses unusual tools or software, don’t worry − Zingtree is compatible. 
    Our Chrome extension makes Zingtree work perfectly with every contact center; simply launch your scripts from any CRM or Help Desk system within your Chrome browser. 
  • Powerful Analytics
    Want to discover your highest performing agent? Or identify areas for improvement across the board? With Zingtree’s multifaceted analytics capabilities, you can check on agent performance specifics, examine customer interaction patterns, and get actionable data on any element of your script.

Find out more about how you can make your customers and agents happy with Zingtree agent scripting, and begin your free trial today.

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