Interactive Decision Trees That Guide Your Teams

Build no-code, interactive decision trees that help you create agent scripts, guide customers, and manage internal processes.


Zingtree powers better processes
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How customers use Zingtree

Zingtree is a remarkably flexible tool – suitable for all kinds of processes – but customers typically use our decision tree software in one of three ways.


Agent scripting

Create scripts that guide your employees – support agents, salespeople, schedulers, etc. – while they interact with customers over the phone.

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Internal process

Map out standard operating procedures or build an interactive knowledge base, so your employees can find info quickly while following the rules.

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Customer self-help

Deflect tickets by giving your customers a way to answer their own questions, decide which product to buy, or generate price quotes.

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How Zingtree helps

Make it easy for everyone to take the next best action.

Turn complex processes into clear actions

Help your employees and customers navigate complex, consequential, or changing situations, and take the next right step.

Simple to build, maintain, and follow

Zingtree’s no-code solution lets you minimize the need for IT work, and lets you adapt decision trees, workflows, and scripts quickly.

Keep your systems connected

Zingtree integrates with a wide variety of CRMs, call center tools, and data sources, so your agents can see everything from a single screen.

Who uses Zingtree

Our customers come from a wide variety of organizations.
Some of the most common include:

Contact centers

Use dynamic agent scripts to ensure call compliance, reduce training times, and enhance the performance of your customer support teams.

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Improve patient access, handle insurance authorization or administrative questions, schedule appointments with the right physician, and more.

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Guide your customer support teams handling benefits management, prior authorization, preventative health, and beyond.

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Connects with the tools you already use

Zingtree works with countless CRMs, call center systems, and other software tools. Use APIs and webhooks to connect to even more.

Customer testimonials

Tomekia Bozeman-Bailey
Director of Patient Access | CARTI

“Zingtree has been an exceptional help with call times. It’s why Zingtree is worth the funding. We’re dealing with things that need to be expedited and done correctly.”

Bill R.
Sr. Director, Design Reliability | An elite aerospace company

“Zingtree allows an inexperienced person to navigate a complex set of decisions and reach the right set of conclusions. It takes the mystery right out of it. If that's what you need, Zingtree is kind of a no-brainer.”

Brad McDonald
Business Program Manager | Getty Images

“Zingtree is a very easy, flexible, adaptable tool. It will increase your service levels and reduce costs, easily. It almost feels like magic.”

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