Improve patient care with medical triage software

Zingtreeā€™s interactive scripts guide your staff to schedule, triage, and provide patient access to the right services, no matter how complex the issue.

Build a triage workflow in minutes

Try this workflow built in Zingtree to see how your staff can help patients by asking the right questions without extensive training and onboarding, and triage patients effectively.

Turn every agent into an expert

Agent workflows built with Zingtreeā€™s DecisionEngineā„¢ can be embedded into the call center and CRM platforms that your agents use.

Agents donā€™t waste time searching through knowledge base articles
Auto-fill CRM fields based on customer answers or agent actions
View every step taken while using your decision tree
Reduced call wait times by 18 minutes

"We began building agent scripts in Zingtree so our support team could find answers quickly and deliver them correctly instead of rustling through a stack of papers and figuring out how to explain policies on the fly. Before Zingtree, call wait times used to be as high as 20 minutes while agents hunted for answers; now they average 2 minutes."


Tomekia Bozeman-Bailey

Director of Patient Access at Carti

One platform for all your systems

Zingtree works with CRMs, contact centers, and other software tools. Connect data from one or multiple sources to a specific workflow, removing the need for a single data hub.

Everything you need to slash agent ramp time

No-code authoring

Build, review, & publish changes to flows in real time, without requiring assistance from IT.


Integrate sophisticated logic into flows so agents always have the answer immediately no matter the complexity.

Advanced reporting

Leverage our advanced reporting to optimize your flows & manage team performance.

Embed Zingtree in your favorite CRM or contact center platform to dynamically pull/push data between the two from a single screen.


Read the Agent Expertise Gap Definitive Guide

Watch how to configure Zingtree with no code

Explore ready-to-go example trees you can use

Review the Implementation Process

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