Turn every agent into an expert with Zingtree + Cisco Finesse

Elevate agent productivity through agent workflows that integrate directly into Cisco Finesse and Cisco Webex Contact Center to direct your agents to next best action in just a few seconds.

Show agents the exact words to say
Show agents the exact words to say
View every step taken while using your decision tree

Improved agent productivity.
All from one screen.

Run a smarter and more productive contact center by embedding Zingtree in your Cisco workflow to dynamically pull/push data between so your data is always synced and your agents can work out of one place.

Boost call compliance

Review and approve agent workflows ahead of go-live to ensure compliance with internal policies.

Reduce agent ramp time

Easy-to-follow agent workflows reduce the training time required to get new agents up to speed.

Improve AHT and FCR

Our interactive workflows direct agents to get to resolutions faster, and with fewer escalations.

How it works

1. Build a workflow

Create agent workflows with bite-sized info to direct your agents to the next best action - with no code required.

2. Integrate it

Embed your workflow into Cisco so your data is always synced and your agents can work out of one place.

3. Follow it

Say goodbye to hunting for answers while keeping your customers on hold. Empower your agents to have all the right answers at the right time.

Improved agent productivity by reducing agent ramp time from 3 weeks down to 3 days

Mike Jennings

Vice President of UK Operations

Improved agent ramp time by one week and cut call handle times by 2.5 minutes

Monika Aufdermauer

Head of Customer Experience

IVR Integration
Able to pass variables from an IVR to Zingtree via Agent Desktop.
Inbound Call Deflection
If queue times are long, offer the capability to send an SMS or email of a workflow to a customer's cell phone or computer as a visual IVR (self help) while the customer remains in queue.
Outbound Calling
Capture customer information in an external workflow and present the full history of the info to an outbound agent so they're more informed of issues beforehand.
Native Integration
Dynamically pull/push data between Zingtree and Cisco so your agents can work out of one place.
Pause & Resume Feature
Lets you transfer cases/tickets from within Cisco from one agent to another, and retain context and conversation history.
Instant Notes
Help your agents in Cisco save tons of time by creating a notes summary page that can be copied as an editable internal note with just one click.
Automated Triggers
Initiate actions like SMS, emails and escalations based on triggers and responses within your conversational workflow in Cisco.
Fully customizable CSS
Customize the look of the decision tree with our built-in themes or add your own CSS.
Allows you to integrate sophisticated logic into your conversational workflow, so your agents always have the right answer at the right time no matter how complex the workflow is.
Advanced Reporting
Advanced reporting to optimize your scripts and manage team performance.
No-code authoring tool
Enables your support team to build, review and publish changes to conversational workflows in real time, without requiring assistance from IT.
Custom Webhooks
Exchange Zingtree data with other applications outside of the main integration.


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