Outbound Call Script: Preventative Medicine


Agent Scripting


Insurance and healthcare

Use case:

An agent calls a customer and helps them get in-network, proactive care for their diabetes.


Call Script Features

This example agent script contains features that insurance agents and preventative medicine physicians need to provide excellent telehealth services.

Key script components include:

  • Pre-call intake information 
  • Automatic import of patient info from your healthcare system
  • Explanation of benefits provided by the insurance company
  • Agent instructions for resolving the call 
  • Next steps for scheduling the appointment or telehealth visit
  • Scripts for leaving a voicemail or rescheduling the call

Take This Template Further

Customizable for Sales

This outbound call center script template can be easily adapted and personalized for your use case or organization. For example, with a few quick modifications, this template can become a powerful outbound sales script, such as for an auto insurance or life insurance provider. 

In flexible scripts like this one, sales reps benefit from clear guidance that helps them stay focused and efficient throughout the call. Zingtree interactive decision trees make static cold calling scripts a thing of the past, with a “choose-your-own-adventure” style interface that means agents always know what to say next to win over the decision maker. 

Sales management teams love how Zingtree keeps their agents compliant and on-message, even during the most complex conversations. Plus with powerful analytics capabilities, managers can see exactly how agents move through a script − where they are succeeding, and where improvements can be made. 

Adaptable For Public Health Organizations

This template can also be adapted for public health organizations, such as Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, who need to confirm or collect patient data. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown the need for medical organizations to remain agile and able to communicate when information changes rapidly. Zingtree allows scripts to be updated on the fly so they reflect the most current information, even when it varies by state or any other factor. 

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