Medical Decision Trees for Health Care

Decision Trees for Health Care

Zingtree makes it easy to build interactive decision trees for smarter, more efficient health care.


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How Health Care Providers are Saving Time and Money:

HIPAA Compliance: Zingtree makes it easy to build HIPAA compliant decision trees, and also includes a customizable Data Retention Policy option.

Other uses for Zingtree include: Medical evaluations, health questionnaires, nurse advice lines and more.

Health/Medical Success Stories


Spokane ENT

The Spokane Ear, Nose & Throat Clinic is a large group practice, with multiple office sites. Their schedulers use Zingtree to evaluate patients, and ensure they are paired with the right doctor when setting up an appointment. With some simple decision trees for triage, they are seeing huge gains in efficiency and doctor productivity.

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Moffitt Cancer Centers

Moffitt Cancer Centers

Moffitt is the No. 6 cancer hospital in the nation with more than 5200 team members. Moffitt uses a 400 node decision tree to create a standard procedure to pre-diagnose and properly schedule patients for cancer screenings and doctors appointments.

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