CRM Integrations

How to connect with any CRM.

Zingtree is designed such that any minimally capable CRM system can open a Zingtree script. Our Salesforce and Freshdesk integrations are good examples. When integrated, you'll have the following benefits:

1. A button within your CRM system will open a Zingtree script.
2. Pause and Resume: The script will be tied to the case/ticket in your CRM system.  So if the call is transferred from one agent to another, the second agent can see the history from the first call, and resume the script at the place where the previous agent departed.

In order to make the integration, you'll need to be able to:

  • Launch a web page from your CRM system.
  • Insert a unique identifier for the case or ticket into the URL. ({TICKET ID} in the example below.
  • Insert the name of the agent into the URL. {AGENT NAME} in the example below.

The URL you make will look like this:

{TREE ID}?agent_mode=1&source={AGENT NAME}&session_id={TREE ID}-{TICKET ID}"><b>Agent Script</b>

You will need to substitute for {TREE ID}, {AGENT NAME} and {TICKET ID}.

IMPORTANT; Make sure &agent_mode=1 is part of the URL.