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Chinese High School Exchange Students first time in USA (中国高中留学生初到美国)
by Yan Huang
Try it!   Examine   适应全新的文化和生活。
Choosing An Event
by Krish Sharma
Try it!   Examine   WA DECA Choosing an Event Guide
Columbus's First Voyage
by Peter Gultom
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How to Deal With Angry Customers
by Zingtree LLC
Try it!   Examine   Whichever industry you work in for customer service, it’s inevitable that you’ll experience an angry, frustrated, or misguided customer. Around the hectic holiday season, this becomes an expectation for customer support teams. Levels of emotion will always vary, but the process of fixing the issue while remaining calm usually remains the same. It could mean that it takes longer due to the size of the issue and the customer’s personal history but have no fear! We’ll help you take control of the right decision tree for navigating these stressful conversations.
How to Get What You Want
by marsha zablotney
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Insurance Enrollment Questionnaire
by Tom Mayes
Try it!   Examine   Questionnaire example to demonstrate how a company can provide guidance for their employees.
What in the World Do You Bring to a Holiday Party?
by Ariel
Try it!   Examine   An interactive experience full of answers for the indecisive party-goer.
Why is my auto insurance premium so high?
Try it!   Examine   Sample from
by Yan Huang
Try it!   Examine   此模板可用于模拟培训。用户可根据自己需要替换模板内容或增加节点。