Tree: What Computing Devices do I Need?

The Zingtree Wizard guides you through the process of building a tree. You provide the questions and answers that your users will see, and the Wizard goes through each scenario asking for more information.

This is the same process professional knowledge engineers use, and it's the best way to get started. Try it now!

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New to Zingtree?

Take a couple minutes to explore the Wizard tutorials below. Click a section below to see the various parts of the tutorial.

Our example task is to create a decision tree to troubleshoot turning on your TV by trying these things:

  • Press the power button
  • Is the TV plugged in?

Here's a picture of the tree (from Zingtree Designer):

TV Troubleshooter demo

Here's the tree we will be building in the Video and Step-by-Step tutorials, embedded below. Click the buttons to see how it works!

Watch this 3 minute video to see how to build the example tree using Zingtree Wizard: