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This page will help you get started using Zingtree Designer.

Tree: What Computing Devices do I Need?

The Zingtree Designer lets you draw your decision tree, and it becomes fully interactive automatically.

  • To Edit a Node or Button: Double click, right click, or click once on the node and click Edit Node from the top status bar.

  • To Add a New Node: Drag a Question, Answer, or other icon on left side into the main drawing area.
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  • To Link Two Nodes with a Button: Hover over a node, and when a dot appears on the bottom of the node, drag it over a similar dot on the node to connect to.
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  • To Resize or Move a Node: Click the node, then drag the edges to resize, or drag the inside to move.
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New to Zingtree?

Take a couple minutes to explore the Designer tutorials below. Click a section below to see the various parts of the tutorial.

Our example task is to create a decision tree to determine what clothes to wear given the following factors:

  • Am I going to work?
  • Is the weather hot, cold or rainy?

Here's a picture of the tree (from Zingtree Designer):

What to Wear decision tree demo

Here's the tree we will be building in the Video and Step-by-Step tutorials, embedded below. Click the buttons to see how it works!

Watch this 3 minute video to see how to build the example tree using Zingtree Designer:


Step by Step Instructions

Once you start Designer, you'll see a screen like this:

We will modify the default node, add new nodes for each page in the tree, and then link them together with buttons/arrows.

  1. Click on the green box for Node #1. This is the starting node, and the first page your users will see. You'll see an edit window appear on the right hand side. Change the Title, Question and Content areas as you see below:

  2. Next, let's add another question. Drag a New Question node into the drawing area, like this:

  3. Click the green box for the new question node, and edit it like this:

    The drawing area will look like this:

  4. Drag a Final Answer node answer node into the drawing area, and edit it like this:

    The drawing area looks like this:

  5. Drag three more Final Answer nodes into the drawing area, and label them for hot weather, cold weather and rainy weather. Put your choice of clothes into the Content area for each of these Answer Nodes. Your drawing area will look like this:

  6. Link node #1 to node #2. Hover over node #1 until you see a large dot appear, then move the mouse over it, and drag it to the dot that appears when you hover over box for node #2. Here's what it looks like:

  7. Continue linking the rest of the nodes, until you have something like this:

  8. Now, we'll create the buttons by editing the connecting arrows. Click the connector labeled "Check the Weather". An edit form appears on the right hand side of the screen. Change it to look like this:

  9. Connect the rest of the choices in your tree, and relabel the connecting arrows by clicking on each one. When you're done, your tree will look like this:

  10. IMPORTANT: When you're done editing your tree in Designer, click the Save button. This saves your work.
  11. Click Exit to quit Designer.