Visual Designer Tutorial

This page will help you get started using Zingtree Visual Designer.

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New to Zingtree?

Take a few minutes to explore one or both of the Designer tutorials below.

Our example task is to build a troubleshooter for a TV that won't turn on. We follow this procedure:

  1. Does the power on button work?
  2. If the power button doesn't work, is the TV plugged in?

Here's a diagram of the tree (from Visual Designer):

TV Troubleshooter decision tree demo

Watch this short video to learn how to build this tree with Designer:

Here are the basics for drawing your decision tree:

  • To Add a New Node: Drag a Content node or other icon on left side into the main drawing area.

  • To Link Two Nodes with a Button: Hover over a node, and when a dot appears on the bottom of the node, drag it over a similar dot on the node to connect to.

  • To Resize or Move a Node: Click the node, then drag the inside to move, or drag the edges to resize.

  • To Edit a Node or Button: Click once on the node, then click Edit Node from the top status bar. (You can also double-click or right-click on the node.)

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