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Edit Display and Other Settings for this tree

Tree: Tree Tag Demo
Permissions: Gallery tree - View Only
Gallery Demo

Add CSS Customization URL to all my trees in Zingtree Gallery

More Rendering Options

Disable Automatic Scrolling (embedded only)
Scroll Containing Page to Top (embedded only)
Enable Responsive Videos
Load Images when Needed (improves tree load speed)
Enable Browser Caching

Transition Effect:

Top of Tree Display

Show History
Show Breadcrumbs
Show Tree Name
Show Permalink in Title Bar (hosted only)

Bottom of Tree Display

Show "Back" Button
Show "Restart" Button
Show Session Notes option
Show Search All option
Show Referral Icon on all my trees

Show Agent Feedback option

Persistent Buttons

Label Go to Node
Add Large Tag List here:
($) Verify:
USA Addresses    Emails    Phone Numbers

Include these tree variables in each session:
tree_name     tree_id     last_tree_name    
last_tree_id     container_url

Collect location data variables

Include the variables selected above for ALL my trees
Don't Erase Variables when "Back" is Clicked
Allow Merge Variables to be Changed
Disable Auto-complete in Forms
Initialize Data Entry Fields

 Include just these variables in the Form Data Report:
Require Single Sign-on (SSO) Login for Agents/End-users to Access this Tree.     Set up Single Sign-On
Hide from Agent Portal View, Task Manager and Search All.
Tree Language: Select the language your tree is authored in. This will improve how your trees are displayed for non-English customers.
Locale for Date Picker:
Set the default locale for the date picker. This may need to be used in conjunction with date format (below). Here is a complete list.
Date Format for Date Picker:
Customize the date format from the date picker used by data entry fields. A full list of format options is here.
Tip: If you specify mm/dd/yy (I.e. 09/30/2020) or dd/mm/yy (i.e. 30/09/2020), any date input will be validated against those formats.
Languages for Google Translate:
Include a Google Translate option in your tree to automatically translate non-English foreign languages. Example: add fr,es,de to add French, Spanish, and German. You can add other 2 letter language codes to the list. The complete list of languages is here.

Use * to support ALL language translations that Google offers.