Please note: You cannot add nodes to Gallery trees. This page is for illustration purposes only.

Add Node

Add a new type of node to your tree

Tree: Personality Test Demo
Gallery Demo

Pick the type of node you want to add:

 Content Node (most common)
A page that contains information, and may also have some buttons choices to click.
(Can also be used as content for document nodes.)

 Tree Node
Open a new Tree, or return to the previous Tree. Learn more

 Logic Node
Jump to a node depending upon rules applied to your variables, or just A/B test. Learn more

 Link Node
Redirects to an external web page (and records this action for your reports). Learn more

 Email Node
Send an automatic email, or show users a simple send-email form. Emails can include your customer's interaction history with your tree. Learn more

 Document Node
Generate a document, based upon rules and your variables. Learn more