Comparing Mavenoid to Zingtree

In this blog post, we’re going to compare some key components between Mavenoid and Zingtree. Choosing how to manage agent workflows is a critical decision. Hopefully, this helps in your process.

February 10, 2023
10 min read
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In this blog post, we’re going to compare some key components between Mavenoid and Zingtree. Choosing how to manage agent workflows is a critical decision. Hopefully, this helps in your process.

We have a bit in common

We often get compared to Mavenoid. Maybe it’s because customers review us from a decision tree point of view. But the thing is, we have slightly different products. 

Mavenoid runs on the AI-based diagnostic approach. They automate technical support with a chatbot and display probable solutions to agents during troubleshooting. 

Zingtree is designed as a decision-tree-based company. We elevate contact center productivity and guide customers through interactive decision trees. 

What’s the difference between our approaches?

Mavenoid’s diagnostic approach allows customers to get to the root cause of the problem by leveraging AI. Once the chatbot collects the required information, it suggests the most appropriate solution. This is good for reducing ticket volume and call deflection. 

That’s not the space we play in. We know that you hold the knowledge of your company processes, not AI. With Zingtree, you can ramp agents faster and improve resolution metrics.

Building guides and scripts using Zingtree will allow you to activate your expertise and deliver the right content at the right time in your customer conversations. By giving agents guidance or exact words to say, combined with conditional if/then logic, troubleshooting any situation becomes easy.

Mavenoid’s diagnostic approach Zingtree’s decision tree approach
How it works Recognizes customer-specific issues based on their input and suggests appropriate solutions. Automates simple FAQs, guides, and troubleshooting. Displays probable solutions to agents during troubleshooting. Guides agents with bite-sized steps through customer conversations. Helps agents quickly access the needed information. You can also implement Zingtree into your website as a troubleshooter, product selector, or quote generator for customers.
Benefits Reduce ticket volume, improve handle times, and get ROI savings. Ramp agents faster, improve handle times, and get ROI savings.

Use Zingtree end-to-end or combine us with Mavenoid

Zingtree works as a standalone tool for your Support team. Once you’ve transferred your knowledge into Zingtree and published workflows, your agents will always know what to say. 

At the same time, we play well with other vendors. Instead of a straight-up competitor, we can help fill in the gaps where Mavenoid falls short.

For instance, if you have a Manveoid chatbot that can’t resolve the customer’s issue or they want to speak to a human, you can move the ticket to a live agent. Regardless of the complexity of the request, Zingtree will tell your agents what to say.

What customers say about us

Compare key capabilities

Feature Description Zingtree Mavenoid
No-code authoring tool Enables your team to build, review and publish flows with no code required
Webhooks Exchange data with other apps outside of Zingtree or Mavenoid
Variables Use variables to store data collected or passed into your flows
Customizable CSS Customize the look of the decision tree with our built-in themes or add your own CSS
Logic-driven decision engine Allows you to build advanced flows with logical expressions
Version Control Lets you have two versions of a tree – a development version and a live version
Search forms Allows agents to search through workflows, node titles, tags, and keywords
Task manager Allows you to use decision trees for internal work processes
No-code debugger Run test against flows and identify potential issues with no code required
Email Initiate automated emails based on triggers and responses within your flows
SMS Initiate automated SMS based on triggers and responses within your flows
Slack notifications Initiate Slack notifications based on triggers and responses within your flows
Agent feedback Enable end-users to send you helpful comments on your flows
Organizations Split user access based on billing, departments, languages, and reporting
Basic reporting See how your trees are being used with reports and analytics
Advanced reporting & analytics Enhanced reporting and visualizations to optimize flows and team performance
Pre-built native integrations Add flows into CRMs and contact centers; dynamically pull/push data between apps 13 apps 12 apps
SF AppExchange Enjoy seamless Salesforce integration that gone through security & integration checks
HIPAA compliance The system is HIPAA compliant and does have HIPAA-oriented features
GDPR compliance The system is GDPR compliant and does have GDPR-oriented features
SOC2 compliance The system is SOC2 compliant and does have SOC2-oriented features
CCPA compliance The system is CCPA compliant and does have CCPA-oriented features

Last update: January 24, 2023.

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