Comparing Knowmax to Zingtree

In this blog post, we’re going to compare some key components between Knowmax and Zingtree. Choosing how to manage agent workflows is a critical decision. Hopefully, this helps in your process.

February 10, 2023
10 min read
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In this blog post, we’re going to compare some key components between Knowmax and Zingtree. Choosing how to manage agent workflows is a critical decision. Hopefully, this helps in your process.

Our products are designed differently

We often get compared to Knowmax. Maybe it’s because customers review us from a decision tree point of view. Or because of the same categories listed on G2. Even though we have a lot of overlap in the offerings, our products are designed differently. 

What’s the difference?

Knowmax positions itself as a knowledge base solution with the decision tree capability. They help support teams to centralize and speed up access to important information. 

Zingtree is designed as a decision-tree-first company. In this space, we offer customers more options for building and managing their workflows.

Logic nodes - Choose a path based on multiple answers

Zingtree’s logic node editor

Knowmax’s authoring tool supports logic for choosing a path based on a single customer answer. This is good for conversations when your agent expects “Yes” or “No” from a customer. For instance, if an agent asks “Does your company need a financial audit?”

 There are cases when you need to set more advanced logic and choose a path based on several choices and expressions. It’s like saying “If X and Y and Z, then do this specific thing”. But if it’s X and Y and D, then you do this other thing instead. This isn’t possible with Knowmax, but it is with Zingtree.

Imagine you have a finance company. The customer is calling your call center to make a financial audit. To redirect the customer to the right audit manager, your agent should take into account a variety of data such as the size and type of the company. With Zingtree, your agents can automatically redirect the customer based on data entered into the flows.

Tree node - Link trees together

Tree node editing

Zingtree makes it easier for you to manage your tree size. Our tree nodes enable you to open a new tree from within an existing one. This way, you can split large trees with lots of nodes and content into smaller processes. 

This is great so that you don’t have to duplicate and maintain the same sections. For instance, if you always wrap up a call the same way, you could link to a tree for call wrap-up, and this could get used across all of your processes. 

With Knowmax, you’ll have to build complicated trees without being able to break them into smaller pieces. Then it becomes a big monolith that’s hard to maintain.

Variables - Automatically push data between your apps

Adding variables to the node

Zingtree enables your agents to reduce manual work and errors with variables. There are many ways of using variables within Zingtee. Most often, our customers use variables to pass information between their CRMs or call center solutions and Zingtree. 

For instance, you can automatically transfer customer details from trees into your CRM. Once your agents have collected the needed information, variables will push it into your CRM. 

With Knowmax, your agents will have to manually enter customer details into the CRM after each conversation. This increases AHT and the number of mistakes.

The debugger

Zingtree’s debugging tool

Knowmax does not fully verify your workflows before they go live. Authors and managers are fully responsible for the tree's accuracy. 

If the manager fails to notice the author's issue within Knowmax, it goes live and harms the customer experience. In the end, you are not getting the results you expected. 

To get you covered, Zingtree provides the debugging feature. Before your flow goes live, you can run tests and automatically troubleshoot errors in them.

What customers say about us

Compare key capabilities

Feature Description Zingtree Knowmax
No-code authoring tool Enables your team to build, review and publish flows with no code required
Webhooks Exchange data with other apps outside of Zingtree or Knowmax
Variables Use variables to store data collected or passed into your flows
Customizable CSS Customize the look of the decision tree with our built-in themes or add your own CSS
Logic-driven decision engine Allows you to build advanced flows with logical expressions
Version Control Lets you have two versions of a tree – a development version and a live version
Search forms Allows agents to search through workflows, node titles, tags, and keywords
Task manager Allows you to use decision trees for internal work processes
No-code debugger Run test against flows and identify potential issues with no code required
Email Initiate automated emails based on triggers and responses within your flows
SMS Initiate automated SMS based on triggers and responses within your flows
Slack notifications Initiate Slack notifications based on triggers and responses within your flows
Agent feedback Enable end-users to send you helpful comments on your flows
Organizations Split user access based on billing, departments, languages, and reporting
Basic reporting See how your trees are being used with reports and analytics
Advanced reporting & analytics Enhanced reporting and visualizations to optimize flows and team performance
Pre-built native integrations Add flows into CRMs and contact centers; dynamically pull/push data between apps 13 apps 8 apps
SF AppExchange Enjoy seamless Salesforce integration that gone through security & integration checks
HIPAA compliance The system is HIPAA compliant and does have HIPAA-oriented features
GDPR compliance The system is GDPR compliant and does have GDPR-oriented features
SOC2 compliance The system is SOC2 compliant and does have SOC2-oriented features
CCPA compliance The system is CCPA compliant and does have CCPA-oriented features

Last update: February 7, 2023.

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