Zingtree Self-Hosted Solution:
For Extra Control, Security and Compliance

License Zingtree source code to run on your company's infrastructure

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The Safe, Simple Solution for Managing Corporate Knowledge, Scripts and Troubleshooters

Full Source Code License

Fully Customizable

Your Zingtree self-hosted solution comes with a full source code license. They may not need to, but your engineers and designers can modify the Zingtree engine to their liking.

Everything You Need Zipped Up and Ready to Go

Easy to Set Up

Zingtree Self-Hosted uses industry standard PHP and MYSQL. With your license, you get a ZIP of all the PHP source code, and a SQL database setup script. In 10 minutes, your team can be up and running. Read our really simple setup guide here.

As Secure as You Want it To Be

Total Security

Your company assets are hosted on your servers, and you have the source code. This makes your Security and Legal teams very happy.

Frequently Updated

Frequent Updates

The Zingtree self-hosted version is derived from everything on Zingtree.com. So when we update Zingtree, we make these same updates available to you.

Try Zingtree Self-Hosted Yourself

Want to see exactly how your self-hosted installation would work? Try our demo site. You can use it as an Administrator to set up example accounts and department, and as an author to see how to build, deploy and analyze trees. This is the exact same setup you are licensing from us.

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